During these uncertain times, so much help is needed! First and foremost, please exercise personal responsibility by abiding by all of our preventative protocols and cdc guidelines (see for more information). Please help out friends and neighbors in need by offering to pick up/drop off essentials, bringing trash receptacles to/from the street, assisting with on-line ordering etc. Check in on each other, especially on our seniors and our most vulnerable. If you are able and would like to contribute, here are some places and some ways that directly benefit our community. There are many others! Please help wherever and however you can! Thank you for your generosity and Pioneer Spirit! We will get through this together! PIONEER STRONG!


CSA – Community Service Association of New Providence

Donations to the CSA are used solely to help your fellow New Providence residents during their time of financial need. Donations can be sent via PayPal to or by check to: Community Service Association of New Providence, c/o NP Borough Hall, 360 Elkwood Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974.

CSA is an independent 501(c)(3) organization. We thank you for your support during these challenging times, and we wish only the best of health for you and your families. If you are in need of assistance from the CSA, please leave a message at (908) 665-8254.


New Providence, Our Community For All – NPOCFA

(732) 535-8441 or email

NPOCFA is a volunteer run and supported organization. This service is for our seniors and most vulnerable. To volunteer to shop for others please email the volunteer coordinator at or call (908)451-3331.


FLAG – Front Line Appreciation Group

FLAG Donation




During these unprecedented times, our local small businesses have suffered and need us now more than ever. Our local businesses are the heart of our community and have contributed generously to many of our local organizations, youth programs, and community events and activities. They really need us now to help them! Please support our local businesses and SHOP NEW PROVIDENCE!