New Providence has always been my home.

There is no greater honor for this hometown boy than to serve you as Mayor of our great community. We have made great strides and accomplished many great things together. We are a growing and changing community with a proud tradition of excellence that has been my honor and privilege to serve, uphold, and represent.

I love New Providence. I love our people. I love our tight knit, small, hometown community look and feel, and, I love being a Pioneer. New Providence is a very unique and special place, and I cherish it deeply. I was born and raised here, educated through our outstanding school system here, as have all four of my children, and now my grandchildren. I was married here, started my business here, and raised my family here. My children live here, and my grandchildren live here. I am very well rooted, whole-heartedly invested, and completely committed to making New Providence the best it can be for our growing community, and for our future generations. Ensuring safety, building community, preserving our small hometown environment, and our quality of life, while broadening our business and economic growth, keeping costs down while promoting growth and innovation is my top priority.

Together we are at our strongest. Together we are at our best.

Great people make a great community, and ours is pretty incredible. Building community is the cornerstone of my service and my vision for New Providence. My vision is of a safe, thriving, vibrant, welcoming, inclusively diverse, family friendly community, that is affordable, close-knit, interactive, and fully engaged in all that a small hometown community can offer for our children, young families, adults, and for our seniors. To my core, I believe great communities are built and maintained on hometown pride and spirit that fosters volunteerism and generates tremendous community contributions. When people feel connected to something good, they engage in it, invest in it, believe in it, and thrive in it, doing all they can to nurture it, contribute to it, protect it, and encourage its growth. That is what we have built here together in New Providence, and with your support, we can continue to build a vibrant, safe, welcoming, and affordable community together.

I care. I care deeply about you, about us, about New Providence, and about our future.

Helping, working, and bringing people together, public safety, and prudent fiscal standards guide my every step as your Mayor. I promise to continue to promote an environment of inclusivity, hometown pride and spirit, and work with all of you to forge New Providence ahead in our PIONEER SPIRIT, preserving our small hometown community way of life, and continuing to be New Providence’s biggest cheerleader and community advocate. I will continue to promote everything about and for New Providence, representing you to the very best of my ability in all that I say, and in all that I do, continuing to build and promote community, business and economic growth, fighting to keep costs down, and our services up. Together, we will continue to do great things!

Thank you for allowing me this great honor of serving you as Mayor of our great community. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss any issue, share ideas, your thoughts, and your concerns. My door is always open. I am here to serve.

Yours in New Providence,

Mayor Al Morgan