Message From Mayor Al Morgan…

Words can not even describe the thoughts of the horrific pain and senseless tragedies in Buffalo, NY and now in Uvalde, Texas. We stood yesterday in a moment of heartbroken silence at our council meeting, and then read a proclamation committing our community to National Gun Violence Awareness Day coming up on Friday, June 3rd to honor and remember all victims and survivors of gun violence and to encourage all citizens to support efforts to reduce gun violence. But it was after and all last night when the weight and full gravity of what has happened really took hold. I couldn’t sleep. I watched the news in utter disbelief. How could something so horrific in this day and age happen again? No child, no family, no educator, no one should ever have to fear or endure this kind of senseless tragedy. Our hearts break for these families. Please hug your children and your loved ones. Please pray for these families who will forever have to endure what has happened. Please be rest assured that your safety and our children’s safety is our first and number one priority, and we will continue to do all we can, fully committed,  to keep our community safe and prevent these atrocities. We stand fully committed against gun violence. May these victims never be forgotten. May their loved ones left behind find healing, peace, and comfort. May nothing like this ever happen again.

– Mayor Al Morgan