The New Providence Republican Committee Proudly Endorses Mayor Al Morgan, Councilwoman Diane Bilicska, and Council-Candidate Alex Kogan for New Providence Borough Council

The New Providence Republican Committee

The New Providence Republican Committee (NPRC) is proud to announce our endorsement and full support for the re-election of our good mayor, Mayor Al Morgan of New Providence, Councilwoman Diane Bilicska, and Council-Candidate Alex Kogan for New Providence Borough Council this November 2022. These three outstanding, diversely experienced, and highly qualified candidates embrace the values and honor our proud New Providence tradition of excellence and have extensive dedicated loyal service to our community.

Council Candidate Alex Kogan, Mayor Al Morgan, and Councilwoman Diane Bilicska

Mayor Al Morgan is a man of the people with a solid record of Proven Leadership. A lifelong New Providence resident, Mayor Al’s passion and commitment to community, helping people, public safety, prudent financial standards, and strong leadership skills have always guided his every step as Mayor. Through every crisis, through every storm, and all throughout the pandemic, Mayor Al is always right there, sleeves rolled up, always fully engaged, always working to help make things better, always trying to bring people together, always protecting and promoting our community in everything he does, and always putting New Providence first. Ensuring safety, building a welcoming and inclusive community, preserving our small hometown look and feel, our quality of life, broadening our business and economic growth, keeping costs down and promoting growth and innovation is Mayor Al’s top priority. Mayor Al also works closely with our state, county, and local legislators continually advocating for our community. Under Mayor Al’s leadership, implementation and maintenance of our long term financial program has resulted in New Providence’s AAA bond rating and stabilized tax rates while increasing productivity through shared services and lower operating costs. His contributions to New Providence are tremendous. Mayor Al’s strength is not only his natural ability to listen, connect, and work well with people, but his strong leadership ability. Mayor Al’s spirit, consensus building, encouraging neighbors helping neighbors, and always working for the greater good, has become synonymous with all that New Providence stands for: A Nice Place to live with Nice People.

Councilwoman Diane Bilicska (Pereira), a New Providence resident for over 25 years, is currently serving on Borough Council to fill the vacant seat of Assemblywoman Michele Matsikoudis.  Diane is already hard at work on the job as Chair of Administration, Vice Chair of Shared Services and Legal & Regulatory, Liaison to the Board of Education and Historical Society, and Co-Liaison to the Beautification Advisory Committee and Diversity Advisory Committee. Prior to joining Borough Council, Diane has been a constant presence in our Community through our schools in a variety of PTA roles (currently President of the HS PTSA), Coach of NP Recreation and OLP basketball teams, Teacher of preschool classes at the Borough Recreation Department, as well as a current Coordination Leader of the OLP Sandwich Drive. Diane also was a member of the Diversity Committee and the Municipal Alliance High School PTSA Advocate. These experiences, as well as her current Council roles, provide a wealth of knowledge and a strong foundation to continue being a successful and dynamic leader on the Borough Council. Throughout the school, the Borough, and the parent organizations, Diane works tirelessly to establish open communication and dialogue. Diane looks forward to being able to continue working with, and for, all of the Borough Residents.

Council-Candidate Alex Kogan has resided in New Providence for 17 years. Throughout his time in New Providence, Alex found many ways to give back to our wonderful community by serving as President of NP Soccer Club for 10 years along with NP Community Activities and Advisory Board for 11 years. Alex is currently serving his 3rd year on the NP Board of Adjustments (Zoning). In addition to serving on the New Providence Athletic Foundation, Alex coached many NP soccer boys/girls’ teams of all ages, while assisting with NP Recreation basketball/baseball teams. Alex holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University and an MBA from Baruch College. Alex served many academic, research and cultural institutions including The Rockefeller University, NYU Medical Center, American Museum of Natural History, The Whitney Museum, and Lincoln Center. Over the course of his career, Alex has managed more than $1 billion in infrastructure projects. His extensive engineering experience has focused on staff development, utility master planning, power plant efficiency, energy reduction, and sustainability, which will be of invaluable benefit to our Borough Council and our community. Alex volunteers for many charitable organizations while being an active member with his family at Congregation Ohr Shalom.

We are very excited about our dynamic slate of candidates! JOIN OUR HOMETOWN SPIRIT! We look forward to serving the needs of all New Providence residents, and meeting you all in the weeks to come. For more information or to join and support our team, please contact us at